The Wondrous Pancake Parade

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In a cozy little kitchen at the break of dawn, Where the golden sunbeams gently yawn, A delightful scent begins to awake, Announcing the day of the Pancake Parade. Near the hob where the magic starts, A batter so fluffy it warms all hearts. With a splash and a sizzle, a flip in mid-air, Pancakes pile up with the greatest of care. Some are topped with berries, so bold and bright, Others drizzled with syrup, a gleaming delight. A sprinkle of sugar like the first winter snow, As they glisten and shimmer in a sweet, soft glow. The children all gather, their eyes open wide, For a pancake adventure with every bite. They journey through flavors, a delicious escape, Through the jungly maple and the berry grape. With each fluffy pancake, joyously stacked, The room fills with laughter, a jolly soundtrack. In the world of breakfasts, it’s truly supreme, Where a pancake can be more than just a sweet dream. So here’s to the pancakes, fluffy and grand, Uniting taste buds across the land. In the Pancake Parade, delight takes its shape, In the heart of the morning—a pancake escape!

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