The Warm Hug In a Mug

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In a cozy kitchen nook one cold winter’s day, A mug of hot chocolate came out to play. Steamed milk with a whiff of cocoa so sweet, Made with a love that couldn’t be beat. Whipped cream like a cloud, soft and so dense, A sprinkle of cinnamon, the aroma intense. The children, they gathered, their faces alight, Eager for sips of this warm delight. by the hearth, snug and fine, The mug was passed ’round, sweet as a nursery rhyme. Each sip was like velvet, a chocolate embrace, Spreading good cheer and smiles on each face. Little marshmallows floated like boats in a sea, Of chocolate waves, in perfect harmony. ‘Twas more than a drink, but a memory to cherish, A moment in time that would never perish. So here’s to hot chocolate, our winter time friend, May its sweet joy and comfort never end. Each mug tells a story, if you listen, you’ll hear, The laughter and love that we hold so dear.

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