The Friendly Dragon

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In a lush valley filled with wildflowers and singing birds, there lived a dragon unlike any other. His scales shimmered with hues of emerald green and sapphire blue, and although he looked fierce, his heart was as gentle as the morning breeze. His name was Zephyr, and he was known as the Friendly Dragon. Zephyr had a unique talent; he could blow gentle winds instead of fiery breath. His dragon friends could soar on the strong gusts they produced, but Zephyr preferred to use his breath to help. He would visit the nearby fields and give a soft puff to help the windmills spin or cool down the farmers on sunny days. One day, the valley was abuzz with worry. A great storm was coming, and the villagers feared their homes would be damaged. Zephyr decided he had to help. As the clouds gathered and the sky darkened, he flew up high and inhaled deeply. With all his might, Zephyr blew whirlwinds around the storm, guiding it away from the valley to a place where it could rain safely. The villagers cheered, their homes and crops were safe, all thanks to their dragon friend. From that day on, children would play near Zephyr, making giant pinwheels that twirled and danced with his gentle breath. Zephyr had become not only a helper but also a beloved playmate. Despite his great size and strength, Zephyr showed everyone that you don’t have to be fierce to be mighty. Kindness, it turns out, is the truest form of strength. The villagers never forgot the lesson learned from their friend, the Friendly Dragon.

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