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Once upon a time, in a land filled with blooming flowers and singing birds, there was a secret garden known only to the kindest hearts. It was called ‘Grace Mary,’ named after the two flowers that grew there in abundance: the Gracious Violets and the Merry Marigolds. One sunny morning, filled the air as a young girl named Lily entered the garden. This was no ordinary place; the trees whispered wise words, and the flowers could dance. Lily was always kind to creatures big and small, which is why the garden opened its gates for her. As she explored, she noticed that the Gracious Violets were looking droopy. ‘What’s wrong?’ asked Lily. The violets replied, ‘We need to share our water with the Merry Marigolds, but our roots are too short.’ Without a second thought, Lily fetched water from the nearby stream, the joining the chorus of nature’s symphony, and watered the Merry Marigolds. In return for her kindness, the garden revealed its secret—a golden key hidden beneath the roots of the oldest oak tree. ‘What does this key open?’ Lily wondered aloud. Just then, a began to play, and the Merry Marigolds swayed to show the way to a hidden gate. With a turn of the key, the gate creaked open, revealing a world beyond. It was a playground of dreams with swings that reached the clouds and slides as long as rainbows. Lily spent the day in joy, knowing she found this magic by sharing and caring. As the sun set, painting the sky in warm hues, Lily returned home with stories of Grace Mary, a magical place where kindness is the true key to uncovering wonders. And as Lily fell asleep, the assured her that the garden awaited her next act of love.

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