Eren the Friendly Wolf

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Once upon a time, in the heart of a vast, green forest where could be heard, there lived a unique wolf named Eren. Unlike other wolves, Eren wasn’t interested in howling at the moon or prowling for food. He was kind-hearted and loved making friends with everyone he met. One sunny day, as Eren strolled by the river, he spotted a flock of colorful birds chirping happily. ‘Hello, friends!’ he greeted them with a smile. The birds, who had never seen a wolf behave so friendly, were curious and chirped back, ‘Hello, Eren! What makes you so different from the other wolves?’ Eren sat down beside the and explained, ‘Well, I believe that the forest is big enough for all of us to share and live in harmony. Instead of being fierce, I’d rather spread joy and be a good companion to all.’ Amazed by his wisdom, the birds vowed to be his friends forever. Together, they sang songs and shared stories, making the forest alive with laughter and joy. As the sun set, Eren bid his new friends farewell, promising to return soon. ‘Remember,’ he said gently, ‘kindness is the true strength of the forest.’ And with that, the friendly wolf disappeared among the trees, leaving a trail of newfound friendships and a whisper of love in the air.

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