The Night Dragon’s Starry Quest

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Once in the land of Twilight Peaks lived a majestic Night Dragon named Luna. She had shimmering scales that mirrored the sky on a clear, starry night. Luna loved the velvety darkness and would soar every night, with the cool wind whispering secrets to her as she danced among the stars. What Luna loved most was to watch the shooting stars zoom past her, leaving twinkling trails of light. One day, she heard a tale from a wise old owl about a special star that granted wishes to the pure of heart. Luna’s heart fluttered with excitement. What if she could find that star? Then all the creatures of the night could make a wish! With a powerful flap of her wings, she took off into the , determined to find the star. She flew over forests where and mountains echoing . She met a bat named Whiskers who suggested they look for the star together. As Luna and Whiskers journeyed on, they encountered a twinkling light ahead. Here it was—the Wishing Star! It shone with a light so clear and beautiful, it could only be magic. Luna took a deep breath and made a wish for peace and happiness for all her nocturnal friends. A surge of warmth spread through the Night Dragon as the star’s light enveloped her and Whiskers. And with a , the star blinked approvingly and streaked across the sky, granting Luna’s heartfelt wish. The two friends watched in awe as the forests and valleys below started to glow with a gentle light, and the night became even more beautiful. From that day on, Luna became known as the guardian of the night skies, sharing stories of her starry quest with all who dreamt under the blanket of the night. And each creature, when they gazed up at the stars, remembered the Night Dragon who made a special wish for all.

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