Timmy the Friendly Tiger

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In a lush green jungle, where could be heard all around, there lived a unique tiger named Timmy. Unlike other tigers who roamed fiercely, Timmy was known for his gentle paws and friendly roar. His fur was the brightest orange with black stripes that shimmered in the sunlight, and his eyes sparkled with kindness. One sunny day, Timmy decided to throw a jungle party for all his animal friends. He went to the parrot named Polly, the king of the jungle talk, and said, ‘Polly, will you help me invite everyone to the party?’ Polly was thrilled and flew from branch to branch, spreading the news. By afternoon, animals of every shape and size gathered in the clearing where Timmy had set up the party. filled the area, with laughter and chatters. Timmy welcomed each guest with a friendly purr and a playful nudge. There were games like ‘Hide and Seek’ among the giant ferns, ‘Tag’ near the babbling brook, and ‘Tug-of-War’ with long vines. The winner of each game got a crown of leaves, crafted by Timmy himself. As the party went on, the animals realized something special – Timmy, the friendly tiger, had brought them all closer. He showed that being kind was much more fun than being fierce. They danced to the music of the , celebrated their friendship, and feasted on the delicious fruits that the jungle provided. As the moon rose high in the sky, the animals were tired but happy. They thanked Timmy for the wonderful time. ‘You’ve taught us a valuable lesson today, Timmy,’ said Benny the Bear. ‘That true strength lies in friendship and joy, not in might.’ Timmy just smiled and promised more fun days to come. And from that day on, the jungle was a happier place, where every creature lived in harmony, all thanks to Timmy the Friendly Tiger.

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