Sunbeam the Day Dragon

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In the land beyond the morning mist, where rainbows danced and the sun kissed the earth with warm rays, lived a magnificent dragon named Sunbeam. Unlike the night dragons with their dark scales, Sunbeam had bright golden scales that shimmered like the day itself. Every morning, as the echoed through the valleys, Sunbeam would stretch her enormous wings and prepare for the day ahead. Sunbeam’s job was quite unique; she was the guardian of daylight. With her , she weaved the light into the sky to help flowers bloom and children play. She loved watching the little ones tumble and laugh in the meadows as she flew high above, letting out a gentle in greeting. However, one morning Sunbeam woke up to a grey sky that even her golden magic couldn’t brighten. She flew across the land, her wings cutting through the thick clouds, but the light would not return. Concerned, she sought the wise owl named Featherwhisp, who whispered an ancient secret, ‘, the vial of dawn, is missing. Without it, the day will remain gloom.’ Determined to bring back the sunshine, Sunbeam embarked on an adventurous quest. She ventured into the enchanted , facing and , until she reached the Cave of Twilight. Inside, she found the vial of dawn, guarded by a mischievous night dragon. ‘Why have you taken the daylight?’ Sunbeam asked, her voice echoing in the . The night dragon replied, ‘I only wanted to see the sun rise once, just like you do every day.’ Sunbeam realized that everyone deserved to experience the beauty of the day and decided to share the first light of morning with the night dragon. With the vial returned, the sky cleared, and Sunbeam spread the daylight once more. The children cheered as they saw the friendly day dragon soaring through the blue sky, her scales glittering in the sunlight. From that day on, every dawn was greeted with the sight of two dragons—Sunbeam and her new friend—ensuring that every morning was as beautiful as the last.

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