The Crystal Dragon of Sparkle Ridge

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Once in the magical land of Sparkle Ridge, hidden amongst the gleaming mountains, there lived a magnificent Crystal Dragon named Glimmer. Unlike other dragons that breathed fire, Glimmer had the unique ability to shine beams of bright light that could form beautiful rainbows across the sky. One sunny morning, a young village girl named Cora went exploring in the mountains. She had always been fascinated by the tales of the Crystal Dragon, and she hoped she might catch a glimpse of it. As she wandered higher, she noticed the path was glittering as if sprinkled with diamonds. Suddenly, she emerged into a clearing and there stood Glimmer, her scales reflecting the sunlight into splendid colors. Cora stood in awe, barely believing her eyes. Glimmer, who could sense the goodness in Cora’s heart, approached her gently. They shared a moment of peaceful understanding, and Glimmer let out a gentle rumble that vibrated through the air like a whispered melody. Cora and Glimmer quickly became friends, and she visited him often. But one day, Cora arrived to find Glimmer sad and his light dim. The dragon explained that his light came from the laughter and joy of the children in the valley, and he felt the children had forgotten him. Determined to help, Cora promised to remind everyone about the magic in their lives. She organized a festival where all could appreciate the beauty of Sparkle Ridge and the legend of the Crystal Dragon. On the day of the festival, children and adults alike gathered, and their joy was palpable. As they danced and celebrated, Glimmer began to shine brighter than ever. His light arced across the sky, creating the most vibrant rainbow the villagers had ever seen. From that day on, the people of Sparkle Ridge would often look up at their gleaming mountains and remember to cherish the magic within and around them, thanks to Glimmer, the Crystal Dragon. And Glimmer’s heart was full, bursting with the same crystal light that he happily shared with all who believed in the magic of friendship.

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