The Rainbow Dragon

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Once upon a time, in a land filled with meadows and delightful forests, there lived a very unique dragon named Prism. Unlike any other dragon, Prism had scales that shimmered in all colors of the rainbow, and every time he soared through the sky after a rainstorm, his presence would renew the splendor of the rainbow in the heavens above. Prism’s heart was just as colorful as his scales. He was the friendliest dragon one could ever meet. Instead of breathing fire, Prism breathed joyful colors that painted the sky in dazzling hues. Children from all around would gaze up whenever Prism took flight, watching the sky come alive with a dance of colors. One day, the usually bright land became gloomy, covered by dark clouds. The nearby village hadn’t seen a rainbow in a long while, and the children were becoming quite gloomy themselves. Sensing their sorrow, Prism knew he had to help. That evening, he flew to the highest peak and roared mightily, sending a burst of colorful light through the clouds. The colors broke through the clouds, creating a giant rainbow that arched across the land. It was Prism’s most splendid masterpiece, a bridge of colors uniting the heavens to the earth. The children rushed outside, their eyes wide with wonder as the magical rainbow seemed to invite them to dream once again. And just like magic, their smiles returned and laughter echoed through the village. From that day on, Prism would be known as the Rainbow Dragon, a symbol of hope and joy. Whenever the skies were grey, the villagers knew that all they had to do was remember the colorful heart of their dragon friend, and soon enough, the rays of color would grace their skies once again. For in the end, it wasn’t just the colors that made the rainbow special, but the friendship and joy that it represented.

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