The Adventure of the Shy Rainbow

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Somewhere over the town of Sunnyside, there was a rainbow who was very shy. Unlike the other rainbows that loved to spread their colors across the sky after the rain, this little rainbow would only peek out ever so slightly. Her name was Raya, and she had the softest hues anyone had ever seen. One day, after a light spring shower, Raya decided she wanted to be braver. ‘I won’t hide anymore,’ she whispered. As she stretched her bands of color across the sky, she noticed that she was reaching towards something magical in the distance. It was an old, wise cloud named Puff, who had seen many things in his long life above Sunnyside. ‘What brings you out of hiding, dear Raya?’ Puff asked with a gentle voice. Raya shared how she longed to brighten someone’s day like the other rainbows. Puff smiled and said, ‘Everyone has something special to offer the world, and your gentle colors will soothe and bring joy in a way that’s unique to you.’ Filled with newfound confidence, Raya beamed her colors more boldly than ever. Just then, a group of children looked up and gasped in delight. ‘Look! The colors of the rainbow are so warm and calming!’ they exclaimed. From that day on, Raya became a symbol of soft beauty, and everyone in Sunnyside looked forward to her rare appearances after the rain. And so, the shy rainbow learned to shine her colors proudly, bringing comfort and joy to all who saw her.

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