Tilly the Brave Tiger

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On a bright morning in the Sundarban delta, amid the whispering , Tilly the tiger leaped out of her den with the twinkle of a new adventure gleaming in her eyes. Today, she had decided to conquer her biggest fear: the fear of water. ‘I can swim,’ Tilly whispered to herself, ‘I just have to try.’ She padded softly along the dense shrubbery, the becoming louder with each step. Suddenly, Tilly came upon a serene riverside, where the water glistened like a thousand diamonds in the sun. ‘This is it,’ she thought, ‘the day I become Tilly the Brave.’ She dipped a paw into the cool water, feeling ripples cascade away, and slowly waded further in. At first, Tilly was scared, but soon the fear melted away, replaced by joy. ‘I’m doing it!’ Tilly cheered, her stripes cutting through the water, graceful and strong. She imagined the claps and of the forest creatures cheering her on. After her successful swim, Tilly returned to the shore, feeling prouder than she had ever felt. From that day on, Tilly was no longer just a tiger among tigers, she was Tilly the Brave, the tiger who faced her fears and found joy in something new. And whenever she’d hear the , she’d smile, knowing it was her friend, not her fear. Tilly’s courage would be talked about in the Sundarbans for generations, teaching all the young cubs that bravery isn’t the absence of fear, it’s the willingness to face it head-on.

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