The Polite Little Monster

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In a tiny village hidden by the twisty twines of an enchanted forest, there lived a monster named Marvin. Now, Marvin wasn’t your usual scary monster. He had fluffy purple fur, big googly eyes, and the sweetest smile you’d ever seen on a monster’s face. His favorite thing in the world was to make new friends, and oh! How he loved saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as he offered villagers freshly baked cookies from his humongous cookie jar. One sunny morning as the , Marvin decided to visit the village. He had just learned how to make rainbow sprinkle cupcakes and couldn’t wait to share them! But as he wobbled into town, everyone ran and hid, shutting their windows tight. The only friend he had was Elsie, the brave little girl with pigtails, who believed that no heart was too big and no monster was too scary. Elsie greeted Marvin with a sunny smile and exclaimed, ‘Your cupcakes look scrumptious!’ With a of joy, Marvin passed her a cupcake, making sure to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’. Together, they walked through the village. Elsie explained to everyone how polite and kind Marvin was. To prove it, Marvin helped pick apples with his long arms, chuckled as Marvin told silly jokes, and he even helped a kitten down from a tree with a gentle of care. By dusk, the villagers had all emerged, laughter and chatter filling the air. They gathered around a bonfire, , enjoying Marvin’s delightful cupcakes and sharing stories. That night, Marvin wasn’t the monster people feared. He was the heart of the party, the fluffiest, most polite monster they had ever met. And just like that, the once-feared Marvin became the village’s most beloved friend. From that day on, Marvin and Elsie would throw a cupcake party every month. And each time, the village would come together to celebrate kindness, friendship, and the sweet surprise of meeting someone new, no matter how monstrous they might look at first glance. With each party, the giggles grew louder, the friendships grew stronger, and the village was forever touched by the polite little monster who taught them that kindness comes in all shapes and sizes.

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