The Garden’s Little Dancer

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In a garden lush and wide, where the earth felt soft and kind, stood a flower, small and bright, swaying gently in the sunlight. Amidst the whispers of the breeze, the flower danced with such ease, petals soft like flakes of snow, it performed its silent show. Bees and butterflies came near, to the blossom they held dear, for its nectar, sweet and fine, welcomed guests to come and dine. The flower, in its peaceful glory, seemed to tell a joyful story, of days under the sun’s warm gaze, and nights ‘neath the moon’s silver blaze. With a color so profound, it graced the greens that it crowned, and though it was but a simple flower, it showcased nature’s wondrous power. As the seasons ebbed and flowed, the little flower continued to grow, spreading joy to those who’d see, how lovely one bloom could be. So when you find a flower fair, take a moment, stop and stare, and like the garden’s little dancer, you may find a blooming answer.

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