Angelina’s Feathered Friends

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Once upon a time, in a cozy little village surrounded by lush green meadows, there was a kind-hearted girl named Angelina. She had a special gift; she could understand the language of birds. Every morning, she would walk through the meadows, whistling and chirping, making friends with every feathered creature in sight. One sunny morning, Angelina noticed that the birds were not singing their usual cheerful tunes. Puzzled, she approached a little robin, whose eyes looked sad and wings drooped low. ‘What’s wrong, little robin?’ she asked gently. The robin tweeted softly, ‘Our nests are in danger. A great wind is coming, and it might destroy our homes.’ Angelina’s heart ached for her friends. Without wasting a moment, Angelina rallied the animals of the meadow. ‘Will you help me save the birds’ homes?’ she asked. And with several eager nods, they all agreed. They collected twigs, leaves, and even ribbons from Angelina’s hair to make the nests stronger. As they worked together, the sky turned dark, and the wind began to howl. But the nests stayed secure, sheltering the tiny eggs and chirping nestlings from the storm. The birds, filled with gratitude, named Angelina ‘The Guardian of Feathers.’ Every year hence, on the day the great wind came, the birds would sing a special song of thanks, filling the village with melodies of friendship and kindness. And Angelina smiled, knowing she had helped her feathered friends stay safe. From that day on, the birds and the villagers lived in harmony, with Angelina and her fearless heart watching over them all, proving that with compassion and teamwork, any storm can be weathered.

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