Supra the Flame-Winged Dragon

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Once upon a time, in a land of smoky skies and molten rivers, there lived a mighty dragon named Supra. Supra was unlike any ordinary dragon, for his scales shimmered like the embers of a campfire, and his wings flickered with flames as if sewn from the very fabric of a volcano’s wrath. Supra was known as the Volcanic Dragon, and his home was the fiery heart of Mount Ignius, where the heat was so intense that no other creature dared to approach. Despite his fearsome appearance and his command over fire, Supra was a gentle giant. He spent his days soaring through billowing clouds of ash, keeping watch over his molten kingdom. At night, he curled up inside his cavern, illuminated by the glow of his own fiery breath. Supra was lonely, for the animals of the forest and the people in the nearby villages feared him and the fiery destruction they assumed he brought with him. One day, a brave young girl named Elara ventured to Mount Ignius. Unlike others, she wasn’t afraid, for she had heard tales of the dragon’s solitude and kind heart. As Supra greeted her with a warm, welcoming rumble from deep within his chest, Elara asked him to share his warmth with her village, which was threatened by an everlasting winter. Moved by her courage and compassion, Supra agreed. Together, they came up with a plan. Supra flew to the village and unleashed a controlled flame that melted the ice and snow, filling the river beds and reviving the frozen fields. From that day forward, Supra was seen as a hero, and he no longer lived in the shadow of fear but in the light of gratitude and friendship. Elara visited often, and soon more villagers joined her, eager to learn about the dragon who turned a season of despair into one of hope. As for Supra, he found joy in the bonds he created and learned that even a Volcanic Dragon can warm hearts without scorching the earth.

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