The Tail of Two Friends

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Once upon a time in a lush, green meadow, there lived a cheerful rabbit named Ribby and a chatty parrot named Polly. They were the best of friends, even though they were as different as could be. Ribby loved to hop around, twitching his little nose, and Polly loved to perch high up on the tree branches, singing songs to the sky. Every morning, could be heard as the duo started their day with laughs and playful chases. One sunny afternoon, Ribby found something shiny and round peeping out from under a leaf. ‘It’s a marble!’ he exclaimed. Intrigued, he rolled it with his paw towards Polly. ‘Let’s have a game!’ he suggested, and they both started a fun game, pushing the marble to and fro. Suddenly, a gust of wind swept through the meadow, sending the marble down a small hole. Ribby and Polly peered into the hole, feeling sad about their lost toy. But Polly, with her bright eyes, saw something in the darkness. ‘Look, there’s a tunnel! Maybe it leads to a secret place!’ she chirped excitedly. Ribby, feeling brave with his friend by his side, nodded, and they decided to venture into the unknown. Their journey through the tunnel was filled with and the unknown, but their laughter and the light from Polly’s bright feathers kept them warm and hopeful. Finally, they emerged into a hidden garden, where the marble was resting beside a stream. could be heard as Ribby reclaimed their precious marble. Polly fluttered above, observing beautiful flowers and butterflies flitting around. ‘Real friends stick together, through marbles and tunnels!’ Polly squawked joyfully. Ribby couldn’t agree more as they spent the rest of the day exploring the secret garden, discovering treasures and building memories. That night, they returned home under , knowing that their friendship was indeed a treasure. And from then on, Ribby and Polly continued to have countless adventures, always knowing that the best adventure was simply being friends.

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