William and the Misunderstood Yeti

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Once upon a time, in a quaint little town nestled between snowy mountains, lived a seven-year-old boy named William and his mother. One chilly evening, they found a shivering yeti on their doorstep. They decided to take him in, offering warmth and shelter from the cold winter air. At first, William was unsure of the yeti, who had fluffy white fur and big, kind eyes. He didn’t understand the yeti and out of fear, William called him names which you should never ever say to a yeti. He called him ‘Snow Monster,’ ‘Icy Giant,’ ‘Hairy Scare,’ ‘Bigfoot’s Cousin,’ and ‘Blizzard King.’ Each time William used these names, the yeti looked a bit sadder. William’s mom noticed the yeti’s sadness and sat down with William. She explained that words can hurt and that everyone, even a yeti, deserves kindness and respect. William watched the yeti helping around the house and saw his gentle nature. Realizing his mistake, he decided to make amends. The next day, William began to talk to the yeti and learned that his name was Yuki. He apologized to Yuki and asked him about his favorite games. As they played, William discovered that Yuki was funny, friendly, and loved snowy hide-and-seek. Together, they built snow forts and William learned five wonderful things to call a yeti: ‘Friend,’ ‘Snow Angel,’ ‘Fuzzy Buddy,’ ‘Gentle Giant,’ and ‘Yuki,’ which meant ‘Snow’ in another land. In time, William and Yuki became best friends, and the town welcomed the yeti as one of their own. William learned that to make a friend, one should always start with kindness and never ever use hurtful words. And as for Yuki, he felt grateful and happy to be surrounded by friends who cared.

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