The Fire Dragon Queen

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Once upon a time in a kingdom filled with emerald hills and sparkling rivers, there was a majestic Fire Dragon Queen known by the name of Queen Scalesa. Unlike other dragons who hoarded treasures or threatened kingdoms, Queen Scalesa was a kind and just ruler of the Dragon Lands, a place where all dragons could live in harmony under her protective wings. Her scales shimmered like the sun, and her breath was a gentle warmth that could make flowers bloom out of season. One day, a message arrived on a ship made of clouds, floated by the young Prince of the humans. He requested Queen Scalesa’s help. A cold wave had struck his kingdom, and the land was covered in ice and snow. The crops wouldn’t grow, and his people were suffering from the chill. He had heard stories of the Fire Dragon Queen’s warmth and knew only she could save his kingdom. Queen Scalesa agreed to help, not for gold or jewels but because her heart was as warm as her fiery breath. With a majestic , she took to the skies and flew towards the human kingdom. As she soared above the frozen lands, she exhaled gently, melting the snow and reviving the chilled earth beneath her. The ice on the rivers turned to , and the barren fields transformed into lush green pastures. But as she spread her heat across the land, she grew weaker, for her fire came from her heart, and each breath of warmth she gave away was a piece of her kindness. Noticing this, the Prince urged Queen Scalesa to rest, showing his gratitude by promising that from then on, his people and the dragons would live as friends. With the Prince’s kind words, Queen Scalesa’s strength returned. She realized that by sharing her warmth, she not only healed the land but also melted the barriers between humans and dragons. From that day on, the Fire Dragon Queen was not just the ruler of the Dragon Lands, but a symbol of hope and unity for all the creatures of the kingdom, ensuring peace and warmth for many generations to come.

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