Brussels Sprouts and the Friendly Yeti

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In the cozy village of Veggieshire, there was a little to-do about a certain green veggie—Brussels sprouts. Most of the children would scrunch up their noses and declare, ‘They’re abominable!’ But little did they know, there was something truly delightful that wasn’t abominable at all—a yeti named Yula. Yula lived in the frosty peaks above Veggieshire, and unlike the infamous Brussels sprouts, she adored making friends with the villagers. The children had only heard scary stories of yetis, but Yula was as friendly as a puppy. One sunny day, Yula decided to make a trip down into the village. She noticed the children at the dinner tables, turning their heads away from the tiny green sprouts. Curious, Yula gently approached and asked, ‘Why are these tiny greens abominable?’ The bravest little girl, Ellie, replied, ‘They’re bitter and icky!’ Yula giggled, a sound like jingling bells. ‘But haven’t you heard? Things aren’t always what they seem. Just like yetis—people think we are scary, but look, I am not! Perhaps these little greens also have something good about them.’ With a smile, Yula popped a sprout into her mouth. The children gasped, expecting Yula to grimace, but she just crunched away happily! ‘Mmm, they’re not so bad when you give them a chance. Maybe with a sprinkle of kindness and a dash of fun, they can be quite delightful!’ Ellie pondered Yula’s words and hesitantly tried a sprout. To her surprise, with a little melt of butter, it was quite tasty! From that day onward, the children of Veggieshire learned an important lesson: just like unexpected friendships with a gentle yeti, sometimes giving things a second chance can lead to wonderful surprises. And as for Brussels sprouts, well, with a sprinkle of seasoning and a playful attitude, they were no longer deemed abominable by the children, but rather, a delightful part of their meals.

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