The Adventure of Captain Curlybeard

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In a land of whispers and a time of spells, There lived a pirate known quite well, His beard was curly, his laugh full bold, He sought adventure and treasures of old. Amidst his ship would sail, Through storms and sunshine, without fail, With a ‘Yo-ho-ho’ and a heart so free, He’d navigate to where X marks the sea. ‘Twas not gold alone that he chased with glee, But the mysteries hidden under the sea. With his compass true and a trusty map, He’d find the spot for his treasure’s wrap. With creaking, they’d anchor down, And Captain Curlybeard would don his crown, A crown of courage, not of gold, For in his stories, brave tales are told. His parrot squawked with every find, Echoing laughs that were so kind. Treasure chests and , He’d weave tales that rang like bells. So here’s to Captain Curlybeard’s lore, His spirit of fun, and much, much more. In every child’s heart, his tales ensure, Adventure lives on, forevermore.

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