Yeti’s Spicy Mishap: Do’s and Don’ts

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High up in the snowy mountains, there lived a cuddly yeti named Yoyo. One day, a group of curious mountaineers came across Yoyo and decided to become his friend. They quickly learned there were things one should and shouldn’t do when hanging out with a yeti. First and foremost, never feed hot peppers to a yeti! The mountaineers didn’t know this, and when Yoyo tasted a spicy pepper, smoke puffed out of his ears! After gulping down snow to cool off, Yoyo decided he preferred snowberries which were a big DO. DON’T try to play hide and seek during a snowstorm, yetis can’t see well in blizzards, and you might get lost! Instead, DO build a great big snow fort together; Yoyo loved making snowy castles. DON’T ever challenge a yeti to a snowball fight; they have impeccable aim! But DO teach them a dance, Yoyo shuffled his feet with glee learning the mountaineer’s moves. DON’T forget, yetis have sensitive ears, so no loud music. Instead, DO sing a gentle lullaby; Yoyo loves to hum along before bedtime. Finally, DON’T try to ride on the yeti’s back, as it’s quite rude. But DO sit beside a cozy fire sharing stories; Yoyo has the best tales about the stars above. In the end, the mountaineers and Yoyo learned to care for each other, sharing many adventures and respecting Yoyo’s yeti ways. They knew what made Yoyo happy and the things that simply weren’t yeti-friendly. With giggles and roars of laughter, their friendship grew stronger each day, one carefully considered, yeti-friendly step at a time.

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