The Astonishing Adventure of Letter I

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In Alphabet Garden, all the little letters lived and played together. Letter I had a great idea to help the white flowers grow. ‘I’ll use this growing potion,’ I said with a twinkle in its stroke. But as I carefully picked up the potion, its foot caught on a root and – OH NO! – Letter I slipped! With a great ‘WHOOSH!’, the potion splashed all over I, making its body start to shake. ‘I’m growing!’ I cried out as it sprouted bigger and bigger. Soon, I was towering over the garden, its top nearly touching the clouds. Letter Y’s mouth made a perfect ‘O’ of shock. ‘I… you’re a giant!’ Y gasped. Poor I was terrified! ‘K, E, D, Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!’ I’s voice boomed across the garden. Letter K had a brilliant idea. ‘The shrinking strawberries!’ K shouted, and with a skillful toss, threw the magical berries right into I’s giant mouth. Munching on the strawberries, I felt its body shiver and shake once more. ‘Eeeeeeaaaaaaaiiigh!’ I called as it began to shrink back down to normal size. Finally, with the last berry eaten, I was back to its friendly, normal height. ‘Thank you so much!’ I said to its friends. ‘Without you, who knows how tall I could have grown!’ All the letters cheered, and they continued caring for their garden, now with a story that would grow just as tall in the telling.

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