Elliot the Yeti: Guardian of Dreams

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In a cozy village tucked between whispering woods and silent snow-capped mountains, the children had a secret. Each child had a spirit guardian, a magical creature that kept them safe and sound. Among these mystical beings, there was one surprisingly gentle yeti named Elliot or ‘Nordlys’ in the language of the village. Elliot had a special role: he was the guardian of dreams. Mia, a young girl with a wild imagination and a heart full of adventure, often had vivid dreams. Sometimes they were wonderful, filled with flying over sparkling rivers and chatting with talking trees. But on some nights, her dreams became twirls of worry and fear. That’s when Elliot made his grand appearance. He would emerge from the icy mists of her dream world, with a fluffy white fur coat that glowed like the northern lights. Each time a bad dream began, Elliot the Yeti would stomp his big paws and clap his hands. The rumble of his gentle roar chased away any scare, leaving behind a glittering snow that felt like peace and whispered words of courage. Always the same caring yeti, always there when Mia needed a friend to remind her that she was never truly alone. One morning, Mia woke up and realized all her ‘stress dreams’ were connected by the paw prints of her faithful Elliot. With a new day’s clarity, she saw that the joy she found in her heart was not just by chance—it was Elliot’s doing, his silent promise to guard her every single night. From then on, whenever Mia closed her eyes, she knew Elliot was never far, always ready to turn fears into sparkles. And to every child who might wonder about their spirit guardian, she would say, ‘Just look within your dreams; they might be fluffier and kinder than you think, just like my Elliot, the noble Nordlys Yeti.’

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