The Seven Sticky Wonders

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Once upon a time, in the faraway land of Gloopsville, there lived two sisters, Elle and Annie, on an adventure to discover the stickiest things in the world. One sunny morning, they set out with their backpacks, magnifying glass, and a big jar of wipes, just in case things got too sticky. First on their list was the Great Gumdrop Mountain. It was covered in colorful, yet quite sticky, gumdrops which glistened under the sun. ‘Remember not to touch,’ Elle reminded her sister, ‘or we’ll become part of the mountain!’ They marveled at its sweetness from afar. Next, was the Honey Falls, where golden honey flowed instead of water. ‘It’s beautiful, but imagine being stuck in honey!’ laughed Annie. They watched from a safe distance as bees buzzed happily around. The third was the infamous Spiderweb Forest, where glittery webs were spun so fine, that even the morning dew got caught. ‘We mustn’t disturb the spiders at work,’ whispered Elle as they tiptoed past. The fourth discovery was the Caramel Caves. The sisters could smell the sticky caramel from miles away. ‘It’s tempting, but we should never get too close to what’s sticky,’ said Annie wisely. They enjoyed the smell but didn’t dare to enter. Then, they found the Gooey Marshmallow Pits. The marshmallows looked soft, but they were sneakily sticky. ‘Looks can be deceiving,’ Elle mused, and they moved on. The sixth was the Taffy Tornado, a whirlwind of sticky taffy that danced across the plains. ‘Let’s not become a part of its sticky dance,’ said Annie, and they quickly took shelter. Lastly, the sisters reached the Sticky Icky Ocean, where the waves were gloopy, and the sand clung to everything. ‘This is the stickiest of them all!’ gasped Elle. ‘Yes, and the most important to avoid,’ agreed Annie. With their adventure complete, the sisters learned that while sticky things can be fascinating, it’s best to admire them from a distance. Elle and Annie returned home with stories of their epic journey, a little wiser and a lot less sticky!

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