The Tidy-Up Tango

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Once upon a time, in a cozy theater, the Muppets had a zany idea. They decided to hold a competition not for the cleanest room, but for the messiest room of them all! They giggled and chuckled as they tossed pillows and plushies around, creating towers of toys and cascades of colorful chaos in their rooms. Among the Muppets, there was George, the careful janitor, who always made sure everything was spick and span. Seeing the mess, he gasped in disbelief! If there was one thing George was sure of, it was that cleaning Animal’s room wasn’t a walk in the park. Animal loved to drum wildly, which meant his room was usually like a jungle after a storm. As the Muppets showed off their messy masterpieces, George had an idea. ‘How about making the clean-up as fun as the mess-up?’ he suggested with a sparkle in his eye. The Muppets were intrigued, and George whipped out colorful brooms, funky mops, and snazzy dustpans. He hit the play button on a music player, and as the rhythm of a catchy tune filled the air, the Muppets began the Tidy-Up Tango! Animal twirled with a vacuum cleaner, Kermit juggled sponges, and Miss Piggy danced with a feather duster. They laughed and cleaned, turning chores into a cheerful game. By the end of the song, not only was Animal’s room the cleanest, but everyone’s rooms were squeaky clean! George the janitor smiled proudly at the gleaming theater. The Muppets learned that with a little creativity and teamwork, even cleaning could be a blast. From that day on, the Tidy-Up Tango became a fun and groovy part of their routine whenever things got too messy.

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