The Yetis and the Chilly River

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Once upon a time, in a snowy land far away, lived a family of yetis who adored the soft, fluffy snow. They would romp and play in the icy white blanket all day long, tossing snowballs and sculpting snowmen with carrot noses. The snow was their happiness, their treasure, their frolicsome friend. One sunny morning, the little yeti, Yolanda, asked her father, Yohan, ‘Papa, we love the snow so much, why don’t we ever play in the cold water of the river?’. Yohan smiled and gathered the young yetis for a story. ‘You see, my little snowflakes, long ago, our yeti ancestors lived near a large, chilly river. They were as curious as you and decided to hop into the flowing water. At first, it was exhilarating; the rush of the river was a thrilling new sensation. But soon, they found out that while snowflakes gently kissed their fur, the river water drenched it, making them feel heavy and very, very cold. Shivering, they clambered out and decided then and there that snow was lovely because it could be shaken off with ease, leaving them still ready for play.’ Yolanda and her siblings nodded, picturing the soggy yetis of yesteryears. ‘Snow hugs us gently,’ Yolanda mused, ‘but the river wants to hold on too tight.’ Yohan chuckled. ‘Exactly! So we enjoy the snowflakes’ light touch and steer clear of the river’s chilly clasp. Now, who’s ready for a snowball fight?’ With hearty laughter, the yeti family bounded off, diving into the snow, knowing that some things are better enjoyed from a distance. The cold water was for viewing—a glittering ribbon in the valley, while the snow was for living, playing, and making memories to last a lifetime.

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