Thanksgiving with Yolanda the Yeti

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In the snowy peaks of Mount Frostberry lived a friendly yeti named Yolanda. Yolanda was big and fluffy with a smile that could warm the coldest of days. She loved the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving, because it was a time for being grateful and sharing delicious food with friends. One chilly Thanksgiving morning, Yolanda decided to have a feast and invite her woodland friends. She didn’t want anyone to be alone on such a special day. She put on her apron and cooked up a storm, making scrumptious berry pies and pumpkin rolls, all while humming a happy tune. When the table was set with all the tasty treats, Yolanda sent out her little bird messengers, inviting everyone to her cozy cave. Rabbits, foxes, owls, and even the littlest mice received their invites, and their hearts filled with excitement. As her friends arrived, Yolanda greeted each one with a big, yeti hug. They were all amazed at how beautifully she had decorated the cave with pine cones, colorful leaves, and sparkling icicles. Everyone brought something to share and added to the feast that Yolanda had prepared. There were acorn muffins, wild honey, and fresh berries of every color. Before they started to eat, Yolanda stood up and asked everyone to say what they were thankful for. The cave echoed with chirps, hoots, and happy squeaks as each animal shared their gratitude for friendship, beautiful snowy days, and of course, the delicious food. After the meal, they played fun games and shared stories. They realized that Thanksgiving wasn’t just about food, it was about spending time with those you care about and creating memories together. Yolanda looked around at her joyful friends and felt her heart swell with happiness. From that day on, Yolanda’s Thanksgiving feast became a mountain tradition, and everyone agreed it was the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving – together.

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