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Once upon a time, high in the frosty peaks of the Snowflake Mountains, there lived a kind-hearted Yeti named Yara. Yara was curious and gentle, with a heart as big as her fuzzy feet. She loved nothing more than playing in the snow and helping her mountain friends whenever they were in trouble. But Yara had a secret wish – she wanted to be a superhero! She dreamt of saving the day just like the heroes in the stories she heard from the valley below. One bright morning, Yara awoke to a peculiar sound. Chirp-chirp! She scrambled outside her icy cave and saw a group of tiny birds, shivering in the cold. ‘Don’t worry, little ones,’ Yara said, scooping them up in her warm, furry arms. She built a cozy nest for them, away from the chilly wind. ‘You’re a hero to us,’ the grateful birds chirped. Yara’s heart swelled with pride. She had helped, just as a superhero would! Days passed, and Yara’s fame as a helpful giant spread wide. When a snowstorm trapped a family of rabbits, it was Yara who dug a tunnel through the snow to set them free. When the river froze and the fish couldn’t swim upstream, Yara carefully broke the ice so they could pass. The animals of the Snowflake Mountains started calling Yara the ‘Snowy Superhero.’ She may not have had a cape or flown through the air, but her mighty strength, caring heart, and bravery were her superpowers. Yara realized that anyone could be a superhero in their own special way, by simply lending a helping hand. From that day on, she embraced her role, proving that even a big, fluffy Yeti could be the biggest hero of them all. And in the Snowflake Mountains, everyone felt a little safer and a whole lot warmer with Yeti the Snowy Superhero around.

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