The Rumpus in the Living Room

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Once in a small town nestled between forests and hills, a family had an unusual guest staying in their home. It was no ordinary guest; it was Benny, the most iconic creature from American folklore, known for being quite mischievous. The family had one very important rule: Never let Benny watch football on the television. But why was this rule so crucial? Well, they were about to find out. One quiet Sunday, while the parents were out tending the garden, the children, Mina and Max, decided to break the rule. They turned on the TV, and the sounds of football filled the living room. Benny’s eyes sparkled with excitement, and before they knew it, he was jumping on the couch, cheering for the teams. ‘Go, go, go!’ he bellowed with every play. Benny’s enthusiasm was contagious, and Mina and Max giggled as they joined in, bouncing on the cushions. But that was just the start. During halftime, Benny had a new idea: railing surfing down the stair banister! He grabbed a cushion, and whoosh! Down he slid, whooping joyfully. Mina and Max followed suit, sliding down the banister, their laughter echoing through the house. Amidst the excitement, they heard a strange sound—like a haunted melody. It was the old Internet router from the ’80s, known for making scary sounds when too many devices were connected. Benny, being from folklore times, thought it was a monster and dove behind the couch. ‘Fear not!’ Max declared. ‘It’s just our old router.’ He unplugged it, and the scary sound stopped. Peace was restored. When their parents returned, the living room was a mess, but the children had learned an important lesson. Never let folklore creatures watch football, or you might end up with a rumpus in your living room! As for Benny, he preferred story time over football since it was much quieter and didn’t involve scary tech from the ’80s.

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