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On a silent, snowy rooftop, under a blanket of twinkling stars, 10-year-old Jamie and his large, furry friend, Yubo the Yeti, crunched together in the soft snow. Their breaths made little clouds, and the world was calm and still around them. ‘See the stars, Yubo?’ Jamie asked, his eyes reflecting the night sky. ‘Dad says each one is a new idea, a new possibility. But you know, that’s the funny thing. I’m turning 11 soon, and they expect me to stop believing in possibilities like… like magical friends.’ Jamie gestured to Yubo with a sad smile. Yubo hummed a warm, rumbling tune that seemed to hug Jamie’s heart. ‘It’s not fair,’ Jamie continued. ‘They want me to become a skeptic. They don’t understand that you’re more than just my imaginary friend. You’re real to me, Yubo. You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.’ Yubo responded with soft, melodic grunts, reaching out a large, clawed hand to gently ruffle the boy’s hair. ‘You know what, Yubo? They call you ‘Abominable Snowman’, but that’s not right. You’re like an Adorable Avalanche of warmth. You’ve taught me so much about friendship and being brave.’ Jamie laughed, his somber mood lightened by the wordplay. Yubo let out a series of joyful sounds, louder now, bouncing in the snow excitedly. ‘We can’t let them change who we are, right Yubo?’ Jamie said, a newfound resolve in his voice. ‘I might grow older, but my heart will always believe in the likes of you. Our friendship… it doesn’t have an expiration date.’ With a final nod from Yubo, the night embraced them in silence once again. Above, the stars continued to dance, and below, a boy and his unlikely friend shared a promise, invisible and invincible against the turning of the years.

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