Bounce the Squishy Dragon

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In the land of Gleeful Glades, there was a dragon named Bounce. Bounce wasn’t like other dragons with scaly, tough skin. No, Bounce was quite unique, for he was squishy and soft, much like rubber! He loved nothing more than to spread joy and laughter wherever he went. Bounce didn’t have legs like the other dragons. Instead, he had a magical ball that was always beneath him. He bounced on it with great enthusiasm, boinging from one place to another. The children of Gleeful Glades would giggle uncontrollably whenever they saw Bounce coming, bouncing along with a ‘boing-boing’ sound that tickled their ears. One sunny day, the town had organized a friendly competition to see who could hop the highest. Normally, dragons couldn’t enter, but Bounce was no ordinary dragon! With a warm smile and a squishy belly, he joined the game. The children cheered, and the animals of the forest gathered to watch. ‘Bounce, Bounce!’ they chanted as Bounce prepared for his turn. With a deep breath, he squashed down onto his ball and… WHOOSH! Up he went, soaring higher than any hop before! He reached above the trees and just beneath the clouds before descending back down with a laugh that warmed everyone’s hearts. As he landed, everyone erupted into applause. Bounce had not only won the competition but also the hearts of all. From that day on, he became the village’s beloved squishy dragon, reminding everyone that being different is what makes each one special. With joy in their hearts and smiles on their faces, the children of Gleeful Glades knew they had a unique friend in Bounce, the dragon who taught them the true meaning of happiness and friendship.

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