The Gentle Yeti by the Mountain

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Little Jennifer lived in a cozy cabin near a great, snowy mountain where whispers of a yeti were often heard. Her daddy had always told her to be careful and stay away from the yeti that was said to live nearby. Jennifer didn’t understand why, but she trusted her daddy, and so, the yeti became a mysterious creature she feared in her mind. Every day, Jennifer’s heart would flutter with curiosity and a pinch of fear when she thought about the yeti. One chilly afternoon, as her daddy was picking her up from daycare, Jennifer saw the yeti sitting peacefully on its usual spot. The yeti was just grooming himself, completely absorbed in picking out leaves from his thick, shaggy fur and humming a tune that sounded like the whistle of the mountain wind. He looked nothing at all like the fearsome creature from her daddy’s warnings. Filled with a sudden burst of bravery, Jennifer tugged at her daddy’s hand and expressed her wish to say hello to the yeti. Her daddy looked surprised but realized it was a moment to teach Jennifer an important lesson. Holding her hand tightly, they approached the yeti together. The yeti looked up and gave them a soft smile, his deep eyes twinkling with gentleness. ‘Hello, Mr. Yeti,’ Jennifer said in a small voice. ‘I’m Jennifer, and this is my daddy.’ The yeti nodded and let out a friendly grunt, as if to say he was pleased to meet them. Jennifer’s daddy explained that the yeti might seem different, but he was harmless and even helped keep the mountain paths clear for travelers. Jennifer learned that day that sometimes, things aren’t as scary as they seem and that kindness exists in many forms, even in a gentle yeti by the mountain.

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