The Journey of Love

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Once upon a time, in a valley surrounded by rainbow hills, lived a friendly dragon named Ember. Unlike other dragons, Ember had a heart that shone brighter than the shiniest gem. His greatest wish was to spread love and warmth throughout the land. One sunny morning, Ember decided to embark on a journey. He wanted to understand the many forms love could take and share it with everyone he met. With a happy flap of his wings, he flew to the nearby village. His first stop was at a small bakery, where he helped Mrs. Apricot, the baker who was struggling to carry heavy bags of flour. Ember carefully lifted the bags with his strong tail, and Mrs. Apricot hummed a cheery tune, grateful for the help. Ember learned that love could be helpful. Next, Ember visited the village park, where children played. A little girl sat on a bench, her ball had rolled too far away. Without a second thought, Ember fetched the ball with a gentle nudge of his snout, and the girl’s face lit up with a bright smile. Through this simple act, Ember discovered that love could also be kindness. As the sun began to set, Ember flew towards the forest. There he met an old wise owl who was looking for a missing feather. Ember searched high and low until he found it glittering among the leaves. He returned it to the owl, who hooted with joy. The dragon understood that love was in the small details, too. Tired yet happy, Ember returned home. He realized that love wasn’t just a feeling; it was all the acts of goodness that he had shared. And with that thought, he drifted into a peaceful sleep, dreaming of all the love he would spread on tomorrow’s journey. Ember’s heart gleamed brighter than ever, for he knew true love was a journey that never ends.

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