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In the quaint village of Sunnyside, there was a garden known to everyone as the Magic Garden, for it bloomed all year round with flowers of every hue and fragrance. It was said that the garden was looked after by a friendly spirit named Whimsy. One sunny afternoon, a group of children were playing near the garden when they spotted a little door they had never seen before. This tiny door was nestled between the roots of an old willow tree. The children’s curiosity led them to gently tap the door thrice, as the village legends suggested. To their amazement, the door creaked open, and out hopped a bunny with a coat as white as snow. This was no ordinary bunny; it was the guardian of the Magic Garden, Whimsy himself! ‘Welcome, young adventurers,’ Whimsy said with a gentle smile. ‘The garden has secrets to show, and puzzles to solve. If you’re brave and kind of heart, the garden reveals its wonders.’ The children spent the whole day with Whimsy, learning about the magic of nature. They helped tend to the flowers, whispered their wishes to the dandelion puffs, and even danced with the butterflies. As the day turned into evening, Whimsy guided them back to the little door. ‘Remember,’ he whispered, ‘the magic is here whenever you need it, but the greatest magic is the kindness you share.’ With that, the children promised to look after the garden and spread kindness wherever they went. The little door closed, and they were left with memories of a magical day and hearts full of joy.

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