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In the small, sunny town of Greetington, there was a special balloon named Hally. Hally wasn’t an ordinary balloon; she had the word ‘Hello!’ written on her in big, cheerful letters. The children loved Hally, but she had one little problem – she was so light and buoyant that she always floated just out of reach. One day, a kind breeze blew Hally down to the children at the park. They were thrilled to see Hally up close! Each child greeted Hally with a bright ‘Hello!’ and Hally wished she could say ‘Hello!’ back. As the children played with Hally, they noticed something amazing. Every time they said ‘Hello!’ to someone new, Hally floated a little lower, closer to their hands. They figured out that for every kind Welcome, Hally would come down to say ‘Hello!’ in return. Soon, the children were running around the park, introducing themselves to everyone they met. ‘Hello!’ they said to the Baker, ‘Hello!’ to the Gardener, ‘Hello!’ to the Librarian, and with each greeting, Hally floated nearer. By the end of the day, Hally was floating happily alongside the children, just low enough for them to hold onto her string as they walked home. From that day on, Hally the Hello Balloon reminded everyone in Greetington of the joy of greeting others with a friendly ‘Hello!’ and making new friends. And for the children, Hally became a floating symbol of kindness and the warmth of community, always there to remind them of the magic one little word can hold.

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