Yeti’s Icy Tumble

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Deep in the snowy Himalayan mountains lived a fluffy yeti named Yubo. Yubo was big and strong, with feet as wide as snowshoes. Everyone in the mountain believed that Yubo was so mighty, he could never fall down, not even on the slipperiest ice. But even Yetis have to be careful, Yubo was about to find out. One bright and chilly morning, Yubo decided to visit his friend Tika, the red panda, who lived on the other side of a shiny, frozen lake. The sparkling ice looked solid and safe. After all, Yubo had tread across it many times before. With a confident smile, he stepped onto the ice without a second thought. But today was different. The sun had been shining more strongly, making the top layer of ice as slippery as a polished diamond. As soon as Yubo’s massive foot touched the thawing ice, his legs wiggled and wobbled beneath him. ‘Whoa!’ cried Yubo, swinging his furry arms to find balance. But it was too late. With a surprised yelp, the enormous yeti slipped and slid in a crisscross dance, before finally landing with a thump on his back, sending a cloud of snowflakes into the air. Lying there, Yubo could hear a soft giggle. It was Tika, who had seen everything. ‘Even the mightiest can take a tumble, Yubo,’ Tika said with a smile, offering him a paw. Yubo chuckled, accepting Tika’s help. ‘You’re right, Tika. I should’ve been more careful on the ice, no matter how sure-footed I feel.’ From that day on, Yubo always tested the ground before stepping onto ice, and he reminded all his friends to be mindful too. Because it does not matter how big or furry your feet are, everyone can slip on the tricky ice, even a yeti like Yubo.

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