Shorty’s High-Flying Adventure

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In the lush greenery of Froggy Bottom, the croaks of joy filled the rainy season air. Frogs of all shapes and sizes hopped happily in the puddles, their chorus going ‘kokak! kokak!’ Among these jubilant jumpers was a tiny frog named Shorty, known for his little tongue but big heart. One drizzly day, Shorty was leaping around a sparkling pond in the thick of the forest when he spotted his two friends, Bagley and Slimy. They were engaged in their favorite pastime: catching buzzing mosquitoes! Shorty, with a leap and a bound, called out excitedly, ‘Kokak! Can I join?’ ‘Kokak! Of course, Shorty! Come on!’ replied Bagley and Slimy together, and with that, Shorty joined the game. Bagley and Slimy unfurled their long, sticky tongues with precision, capturing mosquitoes with ease. Shorty tried to join in, but his little tongue was just not quick enough to catch the nimble insects. Feeling a bit downcast, Shorty paused to ponder. He might have had a little tongue, but he had big dreams and even bigger springs in his legs. With a hopeful glint in his eye, he started to bounce. Up and up he went, soaring high into the air, and to his delight, he found he could catch the mosquitoes right from the sky! With every joyous jump, Shorty realized he didn’t need a long tongue to succeed; he just needed to leap a little higher. He and his friends chuckled and croaked in delight as they watched Shorty bounce and snatch mosquitoes right out of the air. Shorty taught everyone in Froggy Bottom that day the valuable lesson: Giving up is not an option—always seek a solution with the unique skills you possess.

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