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In the heart of the cosmos, on a planet ruled by dazzling neon lights, lived a spry space gecko named Gary. Gary wasn’t just any ordinary gecko; he was a guardian of the galaxy, and today, the universe needed his help more than ever. Far across the stellar sea, the Evil Gull was concocting a plan to steal the Sparkle Stone that kept all planets glowing with life and joy. Without the stone, the universe would fall into darkness, and all the stars would lose their twinkle. So Gary put on his tiny, shiny space suit and took off in his rocket, the Glitter Glider. Through asteroid belts and cosmic clouds, Gary soared until he reached Planet Sparkle, where the stone was hidden. As Gary landed, the Evil Gull cackled from atop a moonrock. ‘The Sparkle Stone is mine!’ he squawked menacingly. But Gary was not afraid. He challenged the Gull to a riddle contest, knowing that space geckos have the cleverest minds in the universe. The riddle battle was fierce, with questions as tricky as a black hole. But with each correct answer, Gary’s confidence grew, and soon the Evil Gull was stumped! With a swoop of his tail, Gary grabbed the Sparkle Stone. The Evil Gull screeched in defeat and flew away. Gary returned the stone to its rightful place, and instantly, light and warmth spread across the cosmos once again. Planets cheered, comets danced, and stars twinkle brighter than ever. Every night, as children on Earth gazed up at the shimmering sky, they could feel safe knowing that Gary the Gecko was out there, the little guardian keeping their dreams alight and the universe safe from the shadows.

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