Lucas and the Gentle Yeti

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In the heart of the snowy woods lived a young yeti named Link, named for the strong chain of friendship he hoped to build with everyone he met. His best friend was a curious boy named Lucas, who had always wished to have a sleepover with Link. Lucas’s mom had hesitated; she worried that Link’s size might be dangerous for Lucas during sleep. However, after many heartfelt conversations and a promise that they would be careful, she finally agreed, with one rule: Lucas must sleep at a safe distance from Link to avoid any accidents. Excitement bubbled within Lucas as he packed his backpack. That night, under the shimmering stars, they giggled and shared stories by the campfire. When it was time to sleep, they settled far apart, just as Lucas’s mom had said. But as the moon climbed, a screechy sound echoed from the trees. Lucas trembled, feeling uneasy about the forest’s night chorus. Seeing his best friend fearful, Link had an idea. He gently lifted Lucas, placing him on a sturdy tree branch well out of reach but closer to himself. With Link’s protective presence below, Lucas felt safe. Link watched over his friend, ensuring the nasty loud birds stayed at bay. ‘Best friends look out for each other,’ Link whispered, and Lucas smiled, feeling grateful for having such a caring yeti as a friend. By the time the sun peeked through the leaves, Lucas and Link had learned an important lesson: caring for each other meant respecting rules while finding ways to make each other feel safe. And Lucas’s mom? She understood that trust comes from understanding and that Link was truly a gentle giant.

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