The Scent of Friendship

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In the snowy town of Whispering Pines, there lived a curious five-year-old girl named Lily. She spent her days exploring the frosty forests and reading books about the mystical creatures that her grandpa told her stories about. One creature, in particular, fascinated her the most: the Yeti. ‘I wonder what a Yeti smells like,’ she would often ponder out loud while wandering the woods, her breath forming tiny clouds in the air. One chilly morning, Lily discovered enormous footprints in the snow, unlike any she had seen before. Intrigued, she followed the tracks until they led her to a cozy-looking cave. Just as she approached, a gentle yeti emerged, his fur white as the surrounding snow. Startled, Lily almost ran away, but then she noticed the Yeti was holding out a bouquet of winterberries. ‘Hello, little one,’ rumbled the Yeti in a surprisingly soft voice. ‘I saw you following the footprints. Are you not afraid?’ Lily shook her head. ‘I was just wondering what you smell like!’ The Yeti chuckled, a sound like rolling thunder far away. ‘Well, why don’t you find out?’ With a mix of courage and curiosity, Lily inched closer and took a gentle sniff. To her surprise, the Yeti smelled like pine trees after a fresh snowfall and a hint of sweet berries. ‘You smell nice,’ Lily exclaimed with a smile. From that day on, Lily and the Yeti became the best of friends. She learned that Yetis love to make new friends and that judging someone based on how they look or what you’ve heard can mean missing out on a wonderful friendship. As for what a Yeti smells like? According to Lily, ‘They smell like an adventure wrapped in a snowflake!’ And every time it snowed, she remembered the Yeti and their unique scent of friendship.

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