The Yeti’s Blue Note

In the snow-dusted village of Snowflake Peaks, young Benny was brimming with curiosity about the sounds of the world. One mystery in particular had Benny scratching his head: the sound a yeti made when sad. Everyone knew Zephyr, the gentle yeti who lived next door, but no one had ever heard him sing a sorrowful tune.

One chilly morning, Benny decided to find out for himself. He hid Zephyr’s favorite shiny pebbles, thinking this harmless prank would reveal the yeti’s melancholic melody. To his surprise, when Zephyr discovered his pebbles were missing, he didn’t make a sound. Instead, a single tear rolled down his furry cheek.

Benny’s heart sank. His curiosity had caused sorrow to such a kind creature. Rushing to Zephyr’s side, Benny sincerely apologized and presented the pebbles back to their rightful owner. ‘I’m sorry, Zephyr. I never meant to make you sad.’

But cheering up a yeti was no easy task. So Benny did the one thing he knew best—he gave Zephyr the biggest, warmest hug a little boy could muster. Slowly, Zephyr’s frown turned into a gentle smile, and a soft, chuckling hum filled the air. It was the sound of a yeti’s happiness returning.

Benny learned that some mysteries are best left unsolved, and the sound of a friend’s joy is far more precious than that of their sadness. Together, they built a sign and placed it beside Zephyr’s home, ‘Laughing Yeti – Sounds of Joy!’ And from that day on, Zephyr’s joyful rumblings were a beloved melody in Snowflake Peaks.

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