The Yeti’s First Snow Angel

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In a snow-cloaked village where the icicles twinkled like stars, there lived a spirited 17-year-old girl named Lily and her cheerful two-year-old brother, Sam. Their favorite winter activity was making snow angels in the fluffy snow that covered the meadows like a soft blanket. One crisp morning, while they were creating a field of angelic figures, they heard a curious rumble from the nearby forest. With a gentle crunch of snow, a friendly yeti named Yula emerged, gazing at the snow angels with wide eyes full of wonder. Lily waved and called out, ‘Hello, Yula! Would you like to make snow angels with us?’ Yula nodded eagerly but looked puzzled. She had never made a snow angel before. Lily and Sam decided it was time for a snow-filled lesson in fun. ‘Lie down like this,’ Lily instructed, lying on her back with her arms and legs stretched out. Sam giggled and copied his sister, looking just like a jolly little star. Yula lay beside them, a mountain of white fluffy fur against the pure snow. ‘Now, move your arms and legs like this,’ said Lily, sweeping her limbs back and forth. Sam followed suit, his tiny arms and legs wiggling like a tickled caterpillar. Yula moved her large arms and legs, slowly at first, then faster as her confidence grew. As they stood up to see their work, there it was – a yeti-sized snow angel next to their smaller ones. Yula’s face lit up like the morning sun as she saw the magic she had created with her new friends. From that day on, the village meadows were graced with snow angels of all sizes, and Yula became the guardian angel of fun and friendship in their snowy paradise.

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