The Mystery of Lincoln’s Tears

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Once upon a time, in a cozy little house on the edge of Whispering Pines, lived a boy named Lucas and his best friend, Lincoln, who was no ordinary playmate—he was a bigfoot with a big heart. They spent their days exploring the forests and inventing new games. However, for the past three days, Lincoln had been very, very sad. Huge tears fell from Lincoln’s eyes like waterfalls, disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. Even Mrs. Maple, the neighbor, had noticed the ruckus, much to her dismay. Lucas and his mom tried everything to cheer Lincoln up. They played his favorite games, read funny stories, and baked delicious bigfoot-sized cookies. But nothing seemed to work. Lucas was determined to solve the mystery of his friend’s sorrow. He sat down next to Lincoln, who was sniffling under the great pine tree, and asked kindly, ‘Lincoln, can you tell me what’s making you so sad?’ After a few more sniffles, Lincoln pointed his big, furry finger towards the forest where they played every day. Lucas got up, and together they walked into the forest. There, under a bush, lay a tiny, broken bird’s nest. ‘A storm broke their home, and now they have nowhere to live,’ Lincoln whimpered. Understanding dawned on Lucas. Lincoln’s heart was as big as he was, and he felt sad for the little birds. They gathered twigs, leaves, and moss, and with gentle hands, Lucas and Lincoln rebuilt the nest. The birds chirped joyfully as they returned to their new home. Lincoln smiled, his tears replaced by a warm feeling of happiness. Mrs. Maple, who had been peeking through her curtains, smiled too. She understood that the noise was for a good cause. From that day on, Lincoln’s laughter and happy stomps echoed through the neighborhood, and everyone agreed that a little noise was a small price to pay for a bigfoot’s big heart.

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