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In the small town of Snowy Peaks, there lived a young boy named William. William often faced a tough time at school because the big kids from fifth grade liked to play mean pranks on him, like giving him a wedgie. This was quite unfair and made William feel really sad. The big kids thought they were so scary, but what they didn’t know was that William had a secret friend who was much bigger and scarier than any of them – a friendly yeti named Elliot. One evening, after another rough day, William hatched a brave plan. He would bring Elliot to school! Just thinking about it made him grin. The next day at lunch, when the big kids snuck up to him, ready to pounce, Elliot strolled out from behind the trees with a big yeti smile. The fifth graders froze in place, their eyes as wide as snowballs. Elliot wasn’t there to frighten them, though; he was there to show that strength and size don’t have to be used for meanness. Elliot played games with all the children, making them laugh with his silly snowball juggling. The big kids couldn’t help but join in the fun, forgetting all about their mean plans. From that day on, the fifth graders never bothered William again. They had learned an important lesson – that having a big heart is far better than being big and tough. And William? Well, he never felt lonely at school again with Elliot around. Besides, who wouldn’t want a yeti as a playmate?

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