Sally and Zumi’s Sticky Dilemma

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In the cozy little town of Starryhaven, Sally and her best friend, Zumi the alien, were invited to dinner at Grandma Maple’s cottage. Grandma Maple had prepared her specialty: creamy potato casserole, known as ‘Flødekartofler.’ The thing was, both Sally and Zumi found creamy potatoes utterly yucky. Zumi especially loathed them to the point that he had devised a comical plan to escape eating them. He had stuck himself to the chair with bubblegum! Not the smartest plan, certainly, because now he couldn’t move at all. As dinner time approached, Sally knew she needed help to unstick Zumi before Grandma Maple noticed. There was only one creature strong enough to help: the gentle Yeti that lived in the snowy peaks above Starryhaven. Despite feeling a little scared, Sally’s loyalty to Zumi was bigger than her fear. She trekked up the snowy mountain and found the Yeti, who was surprisingly friendly and agreed to help. Back at the cottage, the Yeti gently peeled Zumi off the chair, leaving behind a sticky mess but a very relieved alien. Grandma Maple saw the commotion and instead of being upset, she laughed heartily. She realized that not everyone liked her ‘Flødekartofler’ and quickly whipped up Zumi’s favorite intergalactic pancakes and Sally’s beloved veggie burgers. Dinner was a hit, with laughs and stories shared around the table. Sally and Zumi learned that honesty and friendship were much better than sticky plans. And they even agreed to try just a tiny bit of the creamy potatoes, discovering that new tastes weren’t always as bad as they seemed!

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