The Yeti’s Signs of Trust

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In the snowy peaks of the Himalayas lived a friendly Yeti named Yara. She was a gentle giant, often misunderstood because of her size. But Lily, a brave little girl from the nearby village, wanted to befriend Yara. After many visits, Lily learned the 14 signs that showed Yara’s trust. Here are just a few that children could understand easily: 1. The Gentle Grunt: Yara would make a soft sound that felt like a purr. It was her way of saying hello to Lily. 2. The Snowball Wink: If Yara closed one eye and tossed a fluffy snowball Lily’s way, it meant she was in a playful mood. 3. The Icy Art: Yara would draw pictures in the snow with her large feet, showing Lily scenes of the mountains she loved so much. 4. The Snowflake Gift: Sometimes, Yara would catch a unique snowflake and offer it to Lily, showing she cherished their friendship. 5. The Yeti Hug: It was rare, but when Yara felt really close to Lily, she would give the softest of hugs, being careful with her mighty arms. Lily knew that friendship with a Yeti was special, and she treasured every sign of trust from Yara. Although Yara had 14 different ways to show her trust, the most important thing Lily learned was that no matter how different they looked on the outside, trust and friendship were the same in every language.

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