The Yeti’s Trust and the American Cousin’s Comfort

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In a land covered with the whitest snow, high up in the mountains, lived a friendly yeti named Yolanda. Yolanda was a gentle giant with a heart as big as her furry feet. In these snowy slopes, yetis had a special way of showing trust. Whenever Yolanda trusted someone, she would lay down in front of them, her way of saying, ‘You are my friend, and I am at ease with you.’ It was a yeti’s silent promise of friendship and peace. Across vast oceans, in the deep green forests of America, her cousin, Bigfoot Barry, showed his trust differently. Barry liked to sit beside his trusted friends, placing his large, leaf-dusted feet in their laps. This gesture meant, ‘I am comfortable with you, and you are a part of my forest family.’ Friends of both Yolanda and Barry knew these actions meant they were accepted by these gentle creatures. People would travel from all around, hoping to catch a glimpse of the magnificent yetis and their American cousins. But these creatures didn’t trust easily. They watched from a distance, with curious eyes, learning who was kind and who respected their homes. Only the ones with pure hearts and a love for nature felt the honor of Yolanda’s trust and Barry’s comfortable gesture. The world learnt from Yolanda and Barry that trust is shown in many different ways. Whether with a gentle laydown or a cozy sit-down, the language of trust is universal. And that, dear friends, was the secret of the yetis and their American cousins.

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