The Great Furniture Parade

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Once upon a time, in a cozy little house on Sunflower Street, the furniture came to life each night as the moonlight streamed through the windows. There was a cheerful couch named Cushy, a wise old bookshelf named Pagemaster, and a playful chair named Rocko. They loved brightening up the room, but nobody knew about their secret nightly dances. One night, they decided to throw a grand Furniture Parade to see who could come up with the most beautiful decoration. Cushy adorned herself with soft, colorful pillows, wearing a throw blanket as a cape that trailed behind her as she marched. Pagemaster, the bookshelf, decorated each shelf with glittering bookmarks and arranged his books in a rainbow of colors, looking absolutely splendid for the parade. Rocko, however, had a dilemma. He couldn’t decide how to decorate himself. Rocko rocked back and forth, thinking, and then it clicked. He strung together a necklace of small, jingling bells that sang whenever he moved. As they paraded around the room, the little table lamp, Lumina, switched on her light, making the whole room sparkle. Each furniture piece showed off their unique decorations, and they all applauded for one another’s creativity and effort. In the end, they couldn’t choose a winner because in their eyes, everyone’s decoration was special in its own way. Rocko suggested that they all were winners because they had such a fun time together. The parade became a nightly tradition, and even though the humans never saw it, each morning they’d feel extra joy seeing their home. It was as if the happiness of the furniture at night somehow rubbed off. And so, every piece in the house stood a little taller and brighter, knowing they had shared in the magic of the Great Furniture Parade.

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