The Snowy Snack Adventure

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In the charming village of Winterberry, young Lucas and his best friend, a legendary snow dragon named Link, loved to play in the vast blankets of snow that covered the ground every winter. Link had shimmering scales that glowed like the morning frost, and a puff of smoke would escape his friendly snout with every giggle and roar. Snow dragons were known to be the most iconic creatures in American folklore, often found in tales told by the cozy fireside. And delightful Link was no exception – he brought joy to all the children of Winterberry. One sunny, snowy day, while Lucas and Link were making snow forts, Link noticed something unusual – patches of yellow snow scattered like splashes of paint across the white canvas of the ground. Curious and ever so hungry after their snow fort construction, Link pondered if this colorful snow might make a tasty treat. But messengers of folklore must always heed careful wisdom, and it was Lucas’s turn to share some with his mythical friend. ‘Mama told me that yellow snow isn’t good to eat, Link,’ Lucas explained with a gentle voice. ‘Animals might have made those yellow spots. We only eat the white snow when we’re sure it’s clean!’ Lucas scooped up a handful of sparkly white snow and handed it to Link, who sniffed it warily at first. With a reassuring nod from Lucas, Link tasted the cold, fluffy snow, and his face lit up with a frosty smile. The clean, white snow was delicious! From that day on, Link and Lucas had many more winter adventures, and Link always remembered to avoid the yellow snow. With Lucas’s guidance, he learned which winter snacks were safe to enjoy. Together, they shared many more frosty treats and warm hugs as they romped through the magic of Winterberry’s winters, sharing moments that children in folklore would cherish forever in their stories.

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